Pheromones Secrets Revealed

I instantaneously fell in enjoy while using the daughter. She sat down around the mattress beside me and smelled my pheromones. All she will do is enable it express by means of her. Have you discovered every time a lady you recognize quickly will become sexier than she ordinarily is? Pheromones are related to molecules of hormones. Perfume is made from male (animal) sweat. But before we start, we really need to talk regarding the vomeronasal organ. The signal is processed in an region of their brain known as the vomeronasal organ. Simply speaking, ignore all conversation on the vomeronasal organ. Romance is triggered by odor to produce the yin/yang of a relationship. Learn more at and is based on excitement, exuberance. Impress the object of your affection within the first 10 minutes of meeting them. In humans, the almost constant sexual availability of ladies is because of to attraction. We’ve also discovered this process can be used with family and friends successfully more than the phone. Instead think with the idea of sex as fun. Most people make several assumptions about why others complete the things they are doing with pheromone colognes. This calls for an evolutionally decline in male aggression as being a main factor. Think of the person you’re blaming as well as what you’re blaming your mind for. These tested were unaware of the odor impregnation of your facemasks, but were told the facemasks were worn to disguise facial expression from your interviewer during the test evaluation. Pheromones add interest to my life. Pheromones are a sign of amazing strength within a man to generally be emotionally open and vulnerable with a girl. It can be my instinct to use pheromones for sex. It is actually away from love I have took the time to learn about pheromones. Do you view your pheromones as average? In everyday living nothing lasts forever and something is always happening. Where do all these hormones or compounds come from that even mammals deliver pheromones? Learn more at

Men are the weaker intercourse. If a man in a relationship is given the opportunity to have sex with an attractive woman without ever being caught he can agree. Humans are perhaps the most damned species. They lower their standards and thus are much more possible to “settle” by accepting a mate who has less physical desirability. Can her pheromones be subtly detected by other individuals? Can a man, portray the exact same sexual consequences towards his desired customers? My pheromones were too powerful for her own good. Whenever you see somebody you like, introduce yourself. To repeat, we change from our closest evolutionary relative, the chimpanzee, by merely 1 .6% of our DNA. The very idea of value is the cornerstone of attraction.

Hit Yourself with Pheromones

This is so simple, you’re going to hit yourself in the fore- head when I explain it . . . ready? Here it is: When you see a guy you like, walk up and say “Hi,” or “Hey.” Guys are usually shocked and awed by this direct approach (in a good way), so you may need to give him a second to get over the initial pheromone attraction, “Whoa—whoa—a girl is talking to me, how’d that happen?” moment. Don’t take his momentary confusion for rejection; guys are just surprised and happy when a woman talks to them. The key to this direct approach is to make sure your body language is open (no crossed arms), you’re looking him in the eye, smiling, and after you say “Hi,” or “Hey,” you follow it up with a Tease. This pheromone attraction instantly establishes you as a woman who is different from the other women he usually meets, that you have a sense of humor, and that you’re fun. And since all the Teases contain Takeaways, he knows right away that you’re not easy. Learn more about pheromones at and

Plus, it doesn’t give him time to think—instead, you are instantly bringing the heat and asking him to keep up. Don’t worry. He won’t think you’re easy or slutty. I’ll show you how to Approach while making sure he knows you’re a challenge her pheromone secents. Here are a few fun openers that have worked for my clients: “Why are you talking to me?” HIM: “Are you selling something with pheromone perfume?” And with any of these statements the guy is testing to see if you starting a conversation with him is for real. You absolutely do not answer his question with a “yes” or “no” response. If you say no, you’re just confirming his low opinion of you. If you say yes, you’re trying to prove yourself to him and that’s not a position of power. Instead the best response is humor. Always go for the Tease. For example: HIM: “Why are you talking to me?” or “Where are your friends?” YOU: “What do you mean? This is my party. . . . Who let you in?” [smile] HIM: “Are you selling something?” YOU: “We’re here selling these amazing Girl Scout cookies so we can go to camp!” You can also reframe his question to turn the tables on him, putting you in a more flattering light and him in the position of having to defend himself with true pheromones. “Did you get dared to come over and talk to us?” YOU: “Women have to get dared to talk to you guys?” HIM: “Do you talk to a lot of guys?” YOU: “Only the hot ones. Have you seen any?” More often than Shit Tests, a guy will respond to your Approach by asking how your night is going or with a basic “How are you?” type of question. This is a Low Value response, and you want to quickly answer it and then go into your next tease. For example: YOU: “I’m awesome. I just found a scratch-off ticket in the bathroom and I’m gonna be rich, bitch! Whaaaa!” In the Attraction phase, you always want to respond to and acknowledge a guy’s question, even if it is lame. This is Calibration—you’re matching his friendliness, acknowledging his contributions to the conversations, but then you’re upping the ante just a bit to see if he can follow along. Learn more at

Pheromone Field Experiments

This aspect of the human pheromone problem was investigated. The water in an aquarium, where a pike (Esox lucius L.) lived, was tested for the presence of alarm substance before and after the pike had eaten a minnow (Phaxinus). These human pheromones studies showed clearly that the capture of a minnow by a pike created damage sufficient to initiate a fright reaction. Recently Verheijen and Reuter (1969) confirmed that enough alarm substance was given off when a pike swallowed a minnow. The odor of the pike, by itself, did not provoke a fright reaction in schools of minnows that had not had previous experiences with the predaceous activities of pike. However, G62 (1941) showed that minnows quickly learn the odor of pike and that pike odor alone will produce a marked reaction in fish which have experience with pheromone odor in combination with the alarm substance. Goz used blinded minnows which showed no initial response to pheromone odor. Learn more at and

After some of the blinded members had been attacked by a pike, the remainder showed alarm pheromone reactions to pike odor in absence of alarm substance. Recently Reed (1969) reports human pheromone odor capable of eliciting an alarm response in local prey species in the American pike and various Percifor- mes. Von Frisch(l941b) has shown that a school of minnows reacts more intensely to the alarm substance if the water also contains the odor of the pike. Immature individuals of the predaceous northern squawfish, Ptychocheilus oregonense (Richardson), showed a marked fright reaction after eating a smaller conspecific, and it was proven that alarm substance was released (passively, of course!) (Pfeiffer 1962d). lt is evident, however, that a pike with its sharp teeth injures its prey more than a toothless cyprinid does. Pheromone Field Experiments In field experiments, Von Frisch (l94lb) noted repeatedly that minnows which became alarmed in the region of the feeding tube would subsequently feed much less readily there than in nearby areas. The pheromone fright reaction changes the behavior of the fish fundamentally; they not only swim away, but their vigilance and readiness to flee are increased and they are particularly wary of the area where they were frightened. Twice Von Frisch observed the fright reaction under natural conditions: once when a perch captured a member of a school of minnows, and again when a bittern caught and dropped a member of a school of bleaks. Another aspect of the value of the reaction is seen in ontogenetic relationships. Very young minnows possess the alarm substance in their skins but fail to respond until they are about 4~6 weeks old. An older fish, after eating or injuring a very small individual, will be alarmed, swim away and avoid the schools of small fish. Consequently, the small juveniles may be protected from the cannibalistic attacks of the adults (Schutz 1956). Verheijen (1962), admitting that it is difficult to provide direct evidence pro or contra this supposed function of the alarm substance, was cautious about accepting the theory that alarm substance prevents intra-specific predation of pheromones. Learn more at

just met is how she likes pheromones

An opener is the first thing you say when approaching or talking to a new girl you just met is how she likes pheromones. It’s a doorway to a longer interaction. Do your thing. There are several types of openers: Greeting opener: a simple “Hi” with a subtle genuine smile can actually do it. Sometimes less is more. Situational/ observational opener: This can be a comment/remark or a question. Examples: – Comment: “I love this song!” – Comment: “nice shirt” – Comment: “the music’s too loud” – Situational question: “do you come here often?” – Situational question: “do you like this song?” – Observational question: “what are you drinking?” – Observational question: “you look like you’re foreign, where are you from?” Pre-prepared or “canned” opener: a line or question that you’ve previously memorized in order to use for your pheromones. There are many canned openers (also called routines) out there. There’s even a book full of them called “The Routines Manual”. You can also come up with your own canned openers and use them. Examples: – If you’re at a pheromones shop: “I need to buy a pheromone spray for a female friend of mine, what would you suggest I get her?” – “I’m discussing a question with my friend over there and we’d like to take someone else’s opinion… who do you think cheats more, guys or girls?“ Direct opener: This is a bold form of opener where you directly walk up to a girl and tell her something like “I’ve noticed you around and I think you’re really a attractive so I decided to talk to you” or “Hi, I’m John, I find you very attractive… I’d like to get to know you…” Just be real, confident and direct. Say it with eye contact and a subtle genuine smile. Learn more about pheromones at openers work on different types of girls and in different scenarios. Experiment with them and find out what works best for you. Here are some more openers and routines you can use. You’re encouraged to create and use your own material. When you’re using a canned opener, make sure you deliver it properly. Always remain congruent and genuine so you avoid coming off as fake or creepy. Some easy low pressure pheromone sprays you can use: – Sarah? Oh I thought you were someone else. I have a friend that really looks like you. What’s your name? – Are you Sarah’s sister? – I know you / I’ve seen you before. I think we partied together once; I’m trying to remember who our common friend is. – What bar do you recommend going to? Why? Where are you guys going? – This is the first time I come here. Do you come here often? (talk about what you like about the place) – I’d like to take your quick opinion on something, I need to buy a gift for a female friend of mine, what would you suggest I get her and where from? (if you’re at a shopping area or mall) – Hi, can you please take a picture of us? (give her your camera) Learning From Others’ Experiences Here are some success stories and case studies from my own experiences with women. Make sure you learn from my successful moves and from my mistakes. It’s good to ask your friends about their stories and experiences as well. There’s a lot you can learn by listening to the stories and experiences of others. Learn more at

Pheromone Process

These guys have no problem judging a woman’s attractiveness which is primarily what men value in women at first , but they never realize women do the same thing. Women value a man’s character, personality, and behavior the same way men judge a woman’s physical beauty through greater pheromone production.
I’m not saying this is what all men look for in a woman, but physical appearance is something men highly value. Women review your value as much as you are examining their value, and what men and women value are different. Just because you value physically attractive women, doesn’t mean women value physically attractive men the same way. Sure, it’s on their list, but it’s not the only thing on it. If you want to have more women in your life and you know they will only want you if you offer what they value, then you need to give them more of what they value. Sounds pretty simple right? It’s one thing to be The Grounded Man to yourself, with your friends, or with those you feel comfortable with, but can you demonstrate the qualities of The Grounded Man when you are with a highly-attractive woman who adores pheromones?

Attraction is biologically programmed into women and, of course, there is social conditioning which is why women will say they want one thing, but do something completely different or irrational. Watch what women act on, not what they say they want. Overall, women want The Grounded Man; a strong masculine man who will lead, protect, and add value to her life.

Value, Money, and Physical Looks Men are the pursuers and women are the selectors. By pursuing, I mean approaching, being clear in your intent, initiating interested in her, and actively courting her through the dating process. If you want to have sex with a particular woman, do not try to be her friend first. This is incongruent to your true desires and can destroy a relationship. This is where guys get it wrong. They think initiating interest and attraction is accomplished by being around her, being friends with her, being nice to her in return for her liking you and hopefully leading to a relationship of sex pheromones.
If you want to be with women, you have to get comfortable with women judging you, evaluating you, and, oftentimes, rejecting you. That’s why it’s so important to be The Grounded Man and have a strong internal mindset. Being non-needy, non-approval seeking, yet offering value reduces rejection and gets you more results. However, let’s be clear just because you are subjecting yourself to women to be judged doesn’t mean you are inferior to women. Men also hold power in the mating process in terms of the value you provide which can make her life better, easier, and happier with sexual pheromones. Learn more at and
Men need to pursue women as The Grounded Man in order to see results. Being The Grounded Man does not instantly make women flock to you, but when you pursue a woman as The Grounded Man, they will respond more positively to your approach. Don’t hide behind a curtain and think because you provide so much value you don’t have to do anything. It’s your job as a man to take action and go after the women you want regardless of how financially successful you are or how good looking you are. You have to pursue the women you want because that is your role as a man. Do not force women to step into their masculine to pursue you even if they have the courage to do it. Women have to be selective with the men they choose because they are at a big risk of having a child. In the not-too-distant past, women could die from giving birth to a child (even today), so there was a lot at stake for them to find men who would stay with them, provide for them, and protect the family. Additionally, men have often thought because they value physical looks that women value physical looks equally the same. Men can look at a woman and, within a second, decide if they’re attracted or not. His decision will rarely change. On the other hand, women can look at a man and, within a second, only have a vague idea as to whether or not they’re attracted. Her decision will change by observing his behavior and personality. Men are quickly attracted to women like a light switch. Learn more at

Trust Your New Pheromones

Now imagine this scenario instead. In a strong tone of voice you say, “When I look in your eyes, I feel my heart skip a beat. I feel so damn alive when I’m with you. I had to tell you this before I walked away from our relationship.”  Daily practice of getting into your body will have huge effects on your fear of approaching women and being vulnerable with women. For some men this will happen right away; for others, it will take some practice, depending on how “in your head” you are true to your pheromones.
Appreciate What is it to acknowledge somebody, to really see something deeper in another person? When was the last time you received a real acknowledgement? Do you remember how it felt and what it was like to be acknowledged? Genuinely acknowledging a woman is a powerful way to create a deep and instant connection. Very few men really take the time to see something deep and interesting about a woman they have just met real sex pheromones. Learn more at and
If you are one of the few men that can do this, you can really be a man that stands out. A lot of dating coaches will tell you that compliments do not work, which is true if you have an agenda attached to your compliment or if you have trouble being calm and clear in the middle of tension. To really compliment a woman or to acknowledge her—which, of course, goes much deeper—you cannot have an agenda attached to it. It has to flow from a genuine place inside you, and you can’t expect anything in return. What is an Acknowledgement? When you acknowledge a person, you are seeing something deeper in them, something the average person does not take time to notice. I was at a personal growth seminar and I heard a beautiful voice come out of nowhere with stronger pheromone formulas. Learn more about pheromones at
There was a large crowd, and I couldn’t exactly see who was the source of the beautiful voice. I said to the woman I was talking to, “Whose voice is that? It is beautiful.” She said that she had met her earlier and knew that she was a singer. So I turned and worked my way through the crowd and found her, walked over to her, looked her right in the eyes and said, “I was standing over there and I heard your voice through the crowd, and knew I had to come meet you. You have a amazing voice, it has such compassion in it.” She responded immediately. And I can’t remember exactly what she said but I know that the guy she had been talking to was suddenly out of the picture and we talked for some time. Now, you might be wondering if this works on beautiful women. Well, she is a gorgeous woman and still a good friend of mine today. Acknowledgement Versus Compliment Compliments are great and we recommend you give compliments as long as they are genuine and come from an agenda free place. But acknowledgments are where the real magic happens, and it is important to recognize the difference. A compliment does not go as deep as an acknowledgment. It is lighter and it is usually very easy to give a compliment to somebody. “I really like that dress,” or “You are a really good dancer,” etc… An acknowledgement is something that you see in a woman that really moves you. When you deliver it, you must deliver it with your whole person. You really feel moved by her or something about her and you genuinely want to let her know how your pheromones work.